Our field design reflects our desire to create a video game in real life.  The field is ever changing and growing.  Expect no two trips to Bullseye to be the same.

We can take any game and any idea and create a new game mode.  Everything is customizable tell us your idea.


​Random areas of the map become king of the hill objectives.  Hold the point until a new one pops up.
Eliminate the other team, but limited respawns and you only win when there is no enemy left.


One player with extra ammo and health but no respawns... can they survive the waves of weaker enemies?

We also run customized games.  If you can think it, we can play it!


Bullseye Battlefield was created by combat video game map designers and then built on Schaefar Farms.  No run and gun here! Use running routes, choke points, cover and line of sight to flank, sneak and overpower your enemy to capture objective points, escort VIPs or eliminate hostile forces.

Team deathmatch but a sniper rating determines the winner.  Make every shot count!


You have never played lasertag with in game grenades.  With customizable arming times, detonations lengths, damage output and whether these kill or stun, the possibilities are endless.


Eliminate the other team at all costs
Shoot Dominator Tubes at different locations to glow your teams color and start accruing  points.  Most points wins this attack and defend mission.

No more plastic guns, smelly vests, blacklight and space themes.  Using real tactics and communication is the only way to win our team based objective missions.

Domination tubes are used to designate which team holds a capture point.  They are also used in a variety of games and will glow the colors of the team who holds it.


This AR15 short barrel replica is the work horse of Bullseye Virtual Combat.  Featuring all steel shell, bright muzzle flash, realistic recoil and ammo accountability, you wont find a more realistic tactical lasertag experience anywhere else.

When out of ammo with your rifle, look to your backup sidearm for that last stand.  With actual recoil from the slide moving to a reloading magazine, this brings realistic combat to a whole new level. 

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Classic Team Deathmatch but with medics on field to revive downed players.  Kill the medic to slow down your enemy's respawn speed.
Heavily armed thugs have taken control of rooms on the field.  Swat outnumbers them and must eliminate them in time.
Multiple packages have been air dropped and your team must fight to get as many as possible if they are to survive the war.
Digital capture the flag. 

Video Games in Real Life​

Realistic AR15s with CO2 charged magazines give real life sound and recoil on every trigger pull.  Out of ammo... reload or grab a handgun. Better yet grab a grenade and watch the enemy scatter.

Fight to capture important battle intel somewhere on the field.  Limited respawns so fight smart.