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Friday-Sunday 8-Midnight experience lasertag like you have never before.  Eliminate as many players, alive or dead as you can to come out victorious.

Our Bullseye Field has become the site for this epic battle. At night, the walking dead come out to play….but they aren’t looking for company. Prior to entry, you will be briefed on the guns, the field, the rules and most importantly your objectives for victory. You will have 10 minutes and unlimited ammo to inflict as much damage to your enemies, both living and dead! Remain on the lookout for bonuses such as flashlight, grenades and extra powerful handguns. And when all else fails, just remember this: Alive or Dead, Aim for the Head!

You confidently step on to the battlefield equipped with AR15s and handguns ready to do battle against your familiar enemy. While you focus on your target and they on you….you finally realize, on this night….the game is has changed. What once was living vs living, has become living vs living VS DEAD. That’s right…our zombies are displeased that you have chosen their “resting” place for your battle and now they are determined to get you out. They have no guns, but get too close and you die just the same. Who will survive? The team with the most kills wins.